Quality Control
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ITB 530Q

The custom-built EFS Quality Control test benches will enable your application to operate quickly and economically by providing you with fully programmable cycles and high-performance measurement equipment.


Typically, a quality control bench will be equipped with the MCF Multi-Cylinder Flowmeter and the IFR Injection Flow & Rate flowmeters. The MCF will provide you with simultaneous shot-to-shot measurement of 6 channels (more as an option) enabling you to reproduce the production tests and detect anomalies immediately. The dedicated software will enable you to see when measurements fall outside of the tolerance ranges. The IFR flowmeter will then enable you to diagnose the source of the anomalous measurements by measuring the injection rate and giving precise information about a single injector. With the choice of driving the system by the ECU/MCM or by the IPoD power driver, you can detect with ease whether a problem comes from the pump or the ECU/MCM. EFS will provide you with a test bench that will test your set-up, diagnose any problems and give you the tools you need to correct them.

Quality control bench

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Quality control bench Pump
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All EFS test benches are made-to-measure. Please contact our sales team to find out more.

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